Logo Designing
A logotype, better known as logo, is an emblem, symbol or a graphic representation of an organization, business enterprise, individual etc. Ideograms and symbols are used widely in order to get recognized without a name. Many studies have proved that the ocular impact is more profound than any other textual image. Hence, the idea of transfiguring the whole concept and philosophy of an establishment into an integrated a visual illustration is an amalgam of creativity and technology, which facilitates cross-language marketing.
A key constituent in brand promotion, logo serves as a conspicuous attribute in the present day marketing world. It communicates the doctrine and hankering of a business establishment, which is portrayed as the visual or graphic representation of that company’s objective. Logo stays as the identity card of an enterprise, which is projected as one of the most powerful marketing devices. Along with a logo, an exquisite and intense tagline would supplement the resolution of the brand, which announces the quality of the product, helping in diffusing its presence in the market. Logo can stand at its own foot without the cushion of the company name. The appearance of logo announces the standard of the company. In a way, it acts like the spokesperson of an organization.